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20 Jul 2016
Apart from being effective in treating diabetes, Gymnema is used to treat gastric problems, water retention, constipation, and liver disease. Good news is that today, high quality Gymnema is available in supplement form and is recommended largely to fight diabetes.

Leaves of Gymnema contain gymnemic acids that are believed to be accountable for the various biological effects of Gymnema. Gymnema’s Hindi name translates to “destroyer of sugar” because the leaves work on the taste buds and curb the sensation of identifying sweetness. The acids tend to mimic the glucose molecules & act to numb all the receptor sites found on the tongue, ultimately helping the person to stay away from the taste of sugar. Gymnema leaves are also used in Ayurveda to lower blood sugar, blood cholesterol, body weight, skin conditions and asthma.

Yet another interesting point is that Gymnema supplements are largely used today to help in weight loss and lower levels of cholesterol. Studies on diabetics showed that Gymnema can bring down the levels of triglyceride and cholesterol in the body.

Summed up below are the overall health benefits provided by Gymnema sylvestre:

•    Gymnema supplements serve as an ideal natural diabetes supplement, helping a person deal with sugar cravings & addictions to sugar.

•    It helps get rid of the taste of sugar.

•    Gymnema tends to support pancreatic sufficiency & healthy glucose metabolism, important for diabetics.

•    It further helps in management of glucose absorption in the intestines.

•    It helps maintain healthy blood sugar levels.

•    It helps greatly in weight management.

Well, there are a few brands of supplements containing Gymnema sylvestre in health stores. But, health care experts recommend SimplyPure Ultra Potency Gymnema Sylvestre 550 mg from the house of Physician Naturals if you want to get maximum benefits. See more at


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