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11 Jul 2017

Turmeric is the popular spice used in the preparation of Indian cuisine. It was used in both Ayurvedic as well as Chinese medicine because of its key ingredient ‘curcumin.’ This ingredient exhibits a whole range of therapeutic activities such as anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant, anti-microbial and cell-membrane preserving properties.

Curcumin is the chief ingredient of the Indian spice turmeric used in cooking. Many times the body requires an additional amount of curcumin that it cannot acquire from the daily diet. In such instances, the curcumin supplements should be incorporated in the diet.

What are the Benefits of Taking Curcumin Supplements?

o    The anti-inflammatory property of Curcumin helps it in treating diseases such as metabolic syndromes, degenerative conditions, inflammatory diseases and much more.

o    It helps in stimulating the gall bladder for producing more bile juice to aid in fat digestion and weight loss.

o    The antioxidant properties of curcumin help in destroying the cancerous cells and block the formation of new cancerous cells and the spreading of cancer.

o    Curcumin prevents the formation of thick plaques and artery blockage by preventing the oxidation or lowering the level of LDL cholesterol. This ‘bad cholesterol’ or LDL cholesterol leads to heart attack and stroke.

The SimplyPure™ ‘Super Curcumin C3 Supplement with Bioperine’ is an effective curcumin supplement of the brand Physician Naturals that contains Bioperine and curcuminoids. The product has ‘high bioavailability’ and is manufactured in FDA certified facility in the USA adopting stringent quality control measures.

Curcumin present in this herbal formulation improves the immune system, removes toxins from the body, protects the brain cells, liver and helps in digestion. Bioperine present in this product is basically a ‘fruit extract’ from the Indian spice ‘black pepper’ that in combination with the other supplements enhances the absorption of nutrients in the body. It stimulates the body’s anti-oxidant capacity, induces thermogenesis and protects the cells of the body from oxidative damage.


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